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                         Project Care Free Clinic  cannot function without community support.                              Join us in providing medical services to those who need it most.


Our team is in need of  receptionists who can greet patients, explain registration forms, and handle general office duties.Those with prior receptionist experience are ideal for this position.


We are looking for someone to help us greet patients at our Virginia clinic location and direct them to our office.

Some set up duties are involved.


An intake specialist will take vital signs and document all signs and symptoms surrounding the chief complaint.

The volunteer must be an RN, LPN, CMA, CNA, or EMT.


Our team is in need of an assistant to help find appropriate medications, research medicaiton otions and cost via the internet and

telephone. Pharmacy volunteers also ssist the patient with applications for medication programs.

Qualified volunteers are Pharmacists and Pharmacy Techs.

Medical Provider

All of our locations are in need of a dedicated professional to see patients and address their chief medical complaints,

order labs and/or diagnostics, make referrals as needed, and perform follow-ups as necessary.

Special Events 

Assist with special events! (e.g. fundraisers, prevention and education classes, community projects) 


If you are interested in volunteering at Project Care please send us your information. 

We would love to have you join our team!! 


"Even after a long day at work, I still enjoy volunteering at Project Care" Dr. Brian Thompson 


Executive Director

Carrie Estey-Dix

Hibbing Clinic  Site Coordinator

Brittany Patrow

Grand Rapids Clinic  Site Coordinator

Pam Dowell

Virginia Clinic Site Coordinator

Michelle Larson

Main Office Assistant 

CJ Biddle 


Board Members


Dr. Brian Thompson, Medical Director

Carrie Estey-Dix , Executive Director

Torie Arnoldy, President & Treasurer

Jessica Hoshal, Secretary

Members at Large

Neal Walker, Sara Madden, Tiffany Schleppegrell 

Stephanie Senich, Morgan Anderson, Tina Uhrbom, Renee Vajdl  



Volunteers are amazing!

Laughter is the best medicine! 

Volunteers of all ages!